Mobius Airdrop Bounty Program Details

Mobius has launched bounty program.

Tokens Available for bounty: Not specified.

Bounty Allocation

Not specified.

Bounty Campaigns

Developer Bounty

  • Create app and submit to DApp store to earn 2,000 MOBI.

Referral Bounty

  • Refer a developer that submits app to DApp store to get 1,000 MOBI.

Twitter Bounty

  • Twitter user with 1000+ followers can earch 1,000 MOBI.

Blog & Youtube Bounty

  • Write blog post and create Youtube video explaing Mobius protocol to earn 1,000 MOBI.

Translation Bounty

  • Translate blog summaries of Mobius on Bitcointalk forum or other forums. Language list – German, French, Indonesian, Arabic, Danish, Spanish, Protugeuese, Russian, Korean, Japanese, Vietnamese, Turkish, Croatian, Greek, Hebrew, Romanian, Polish