Datareum Giving You Control Over Your Data

Businesses that have data on customers and other users often struggle to keep control over what they have. But today, businesses can use the blockchain to keep their data in check. This is thanks to the support of Datareum, a new decentralized data market. Datareum offers a platform where users can get their data utilized while offering it in a marketplace to those who are interested in it.

With Datareum, businesses will keep a hold on their data and will get money off of that information. People can release only the bits of data that they want to issue. There is even the potential for businesses to get some residual income over the data they share.

Individual people can also share their data as they see fit. People have the right to get full control over their data and to share it with others if they desire, thus providing a simple approach for handling the content one wishes to use. It is a valuable and helpful option for people to review for getting their content handled.

How the Setup Works

Datareum works as a data provider verifies its basic data. The content goes onto the Datareum marketplace. A smart contract is established to where people can pay for access to the data. In return, the provider earns tokens for the sale.

The sale process gives people access to more funds and to keep their costs down. By getting rid of third parties, it becomes easier for data to be offered to people the right way. The process is streamlined as it becomes simple for anyone to get their content managed in a way that might be best for their needs.

Works For Promotional Efforts

The Datareum system provides people with a great way to promote their content online. Information that customers share online or survey results can be shared with others. This includes details on how a business operates, thus making it easier for investors to learn more about businesses they can support.

For Personal Use

Datareum can also be used with personal needs in mind. A person can take one’s online data and secure it on a blockchain network in a fully anonymous function. A member can get that data from the chain later on if desired. But the main point is that the content will be kept protected and anonymous.

The individual can still get one’s data sold off to other people. This would be done in exchange for funds off of the Datareum network. The people who can get this content include researchers, academic groups, business organizations and more. The key is that anyone who offers their content online will be fully reimbursed for the data one is providing.

Datareum is providing information on its platform at People can learn about Datareum and how it is offering a good way for people to get full control of their data. This includes not only getting paid for it but also for keeping that data protected and safe.


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