I Am Hero Creates a Dynamic Approach for Job Seekers and Employers Alike

The process of trying to find a quality job can be a challenge for many, but there is a new system on the blockchain that makes it easier for people to make their job profiles stand out. This system is called I Am Hero, and it is designed to get prospective employees to show off what they have to offer to possible employers.

This also works as a tool for employers who want to find great people. The I Am Employer section of I Am Hero allows employers to highlight their content and make what they are offering more intriguing in some fashion.

The design creates a special setup for making one’s work appealing. It is also affordable for employers to utilize. Job seekers will always have free access to it as it is free to get a post added to the site.

How the Setup Works

I Am Hero uses a blockchain-oriented setup for helping people to promote some exciting profiles. A person can create a layout that highlights many of the special qualities that one holds. These include qualities relating to certain skills one holds for a job. Details on education and experience can be found on this guide as well. The design supported by I Am Hero produces a better profile that employers will be interested in.

Employers can also use the I Am Hero system to find information on employees who are interested in jobs. This works with a dynamic matching system that reviews people based on their characteristics. Job offers can also be posted online and even offered to people on the blockchain. The layout of the system makes it easier for people to promote their work in many forms.

A resume builder is also included on this program. The resume builder helps job seekers organize their experience and content in a dynamic fashion. Users can get their information laid out carefully and quickly without delay.

Manage Communications

All communications between employers and possible employees are managed through the blockchain as well. The I Am Hero system allows for people to interact with each other quickly and effortlessly through private messages and other forms of contact. The setup used here makes it easier for people to highlight their work and to make their content more attractive.

Simple Pricing

The system is also designed with a transparent pricing schedule. People can post jobs on I Am Hero for free. Meanwhile, employers can get up to 100 contacts for $130. Larger packages that cost less per contact can also be found, including a deal for a thousand contacts for $749.

Additional details on what I Am Hero has to offer can be found at iamhero.io. The site is working to help people see what they can do with making their job applications and searches more exciting. The site is expected to continue to grow as people see what makes this option for managing a job search easy for anyone to utilize and work with in any situation.