Top ICOs List Best Crypto Coins To Invest 2018 Hot Initial Coin Offering Ongoing Token Sales Crowdsale Index

List of all the current ongoing Initial Coin Offerings and Token Sales of crypto projects.

ProjectDescEnd DateDetail
BITRUSTDecentralized, easy to use, peer-2-peer cryptocurrency insurance platformMay 31 ICO Details
PlentixDecentralized blockchain-based platform and application for referralJun 20 ICO Details
Browsers LabMaking cloud-based testing easierMay 23 ICO Details
LibertyLanceFirst decentralized gig marketplaceMay 30 ICO Details
ORCAFirst Open Banking platformMay 16 ICO Details
redBUXOfficial currency in the world of vrXcityMay 21 ICO Details
BACEExchange links conventional exchange pairs like Fiat/BTC and BTC/AltcoinMay 28 ICO Details
NuggetsAn e-commerce payments and ID platformJun 01 ICO Details
StasyQUnique platform with high quality adult content.Jun 05 ICO Details
BGXDecentralized financial platform for the mobile games industryJun 19 ICO Details
LoyakkBusiness platform that enables secure, permissioned sharing of data May 15 ICO Details
RankingBallCryptocurrency for Play-by-Play Strategy Prediction Game for Sports and esportsJun 03 ICO Details
Cryptonia PokerOnline poker room based on blockchain technologyJun 01 ICO Details
SprintxPlatform for entrepreneurs and the development of new business ideasJun 23 ICO Details
BulleonBulleon is a universal Digital asset SphereDec 31 ICO Details
UbcoinFirst of its kind crypto-goods person to-person exchangeJul 14 ICO Details
ZeroStateZeroState is the world’s first emotional intelligence platformAug 21 ICO Details
EvareiumEvareium completely revolutionizes real estate investment ICO Details
AbacasAbacas allows you to exchange any asset anywhere anytime.Jul 15 ICO Details
QurrexHybrid cryptocurrency exchangeMay 31 ICO Details
Crystal TokenCryptocurrency token innovating the field of smart investmentsMay 30 ICO Details
Assistive RealityAssistive Reality project aimss to deliver cutting edge Augmented Reality applications on the latest AR glass hardwareMay 06 ICO Details
SafinusRevolutionary Platform for Investments in Cryptocurrencies and ICOsJune 02 Safinus ICO Details
UboniumDecentralized platform for Exchange Traded Crypto-FundsMay 10 Ubonium ICO Details
GamblicaGamblica is an international gambling platform based on innovative digital solutions and blockchain technology.June 01 Gamblica ICO Details
BpayInstrument which allows accepting, withdrawing and keeping track of fundsMay 15 ICO Details
Bitcoinusreinvent real living financial operations between retail and B2B entitiesMay 9 ICO Details
YoritexBanking services platform for cross border payments.May 9 ICO Details
Akm GlobalA worldwide network of bio food restaurants utilizing blockchain tech.May 10 ICO Details
HagglejobA platform for getting paid for your skills and paying others for their skills.May 13 ICO Details
ClickautoA platform for transparent car history & records.May 27 ICO Details
EosThe most powerful infrastructure for decentralized infrastructure.May 31 ICO Details
Blockchain Traded FundAn investment fund focused on blockchain tech.May 31 ICO Details
Augmate ConnectAn Enterprise IoT management platform. ICO Details
EtherJack.ioDecentralized jackpot game. ICO Details
FynanceA blockchain based digital insurance broker. ICO Details
HeartBoutA decentralized rewards system to encourage user activity. ICO Details
AutoUnitA cashback service payment system and affiliate program. ICO Details
DaricoAn easy access gateway to safer cryptocurrency investments. ICO Details
Hackspace CapitalA fund based platform that finances innovative hardware startup teams. ICO Details
Blind CroupierB2B solution for launching a blockchain casino. ICO Details
AlphathereumAn Ethereum mining farm seeking investments. ICO Details
Big FoundationA blockchain platform for implementing a basic income guarantee. ICO Details
LunarA blockchain-based cryptocurrency hedge fund. ICO Details
PowerSnookerCoinPromoting the PowerSnooker sport and community. ICO Details
BURONNext generation software for cryptocurrency mining. ICO Details
Fast InvestA digital bank for the people with a focus on the ICO Details
FintechBitAn active trading education community. ICO Details
Travelcoin FoundationAiming to revolutionize the travel industry. ICO Details