Evareium ICO Review – Overview of Evareium Crowdsale Details, EVM Token Sale Info


Evareium completely revolutionizes real estate investment by providing a ‘point-and-click’ interface for even small-scale investors to buy EVM tokens that will provide beneficial ownership to lucrative, professionally-managed property assets.

Harnessing the convenience and immutability of Blockchain, Evareium’s EVM token provides is a digitalized platform founded on investment principles that consistently generate far superior returns on investment of up to 20-30% annualized return over the disappointing yields of typically 5-6% achieved by traditional real estate ownership.

And with the planned introduction of digital token exchange, EVM aims to conveniently and efficiently resolve the issue of inherent illiquidity in a multi-trillion dollar investment model.

Token Distribution

evareium token distribution

Budget Allocation

Proceeds from the first US$ 2,000,000 equivalent (net of technical partner fees and other administrative charges) raised through this token sale shall be used to establish, cover the costs of, manage and market the Issuer and Fund, and Advisor, General Partner and Manager as the lead parties in this Offering, as the Advisor and/or Manager deems appropriate. The proceeds from the balance of EVM issued (assuming the minimum target is exceeded) shall be used to subscribe to the Fund limited partnership, settle costs and fees and secure direct real estate interests through the Fund.


Stefan Hickmott CEO & Founder in
Mark Wilson Principal – Investments in
Avik K. Rakhit Associate Director – Investments in
Andrew Rowlstone Head of Investor Relations in
Katy Allafranco Head of Marketing in
David O’Riley Commercial Advisor in
David Pryce Commercial Advisor in
Matthew T. Ranson Corporate Strategist in


Dr. Gery Maes Van de Vorst Advisor to Board of Directors in
Christian Papathanasiou Advisor to Board of Directors in
Phillip Nunn ITO Ambassador in
Paul Moynan ITO Ambassador in
Desmond Marshall ITO Advisor in
Jonathan Lane ITO Advisor in
Ivan Wood ITO Advisor in
Oliver Fryer ITO Advisor in
Yogesh Gaikwad ITO Advisor in
Elias Ahonen ITO Advisor in
ARC Associates Finance and Accounting Services in
Peerchemist Technical Advisor in


evareium roadmap


EVM Blockchain Limited (Cayman Islands)
FAO: The Company Secretary
Registered office:
Maples Corporate Services
Limited, PO Box 309,
Ugland House,
Grand Cayman,
KY1-1104, Cayman Islands