IP Chain Database to Keep IP Data Protected

Intellectual property or IP content is often difficult to protect. People who create art, inventions and other unique items often struggle with issues relating to how their intellectual property data can be secured. The IP Chain Database is designed as a solution for helping people to resolve various problems relating to IP protection.

A blockchain system will be used through IP Chain Database to help with managing IP content. This includes securing one’s proof of ownership of certain IP content on the blockchain. This offers a simplified setup for securing IP data while being safer and easier to utilize. It can assist in making the content being used worthwhile.

Unchangeable Data

The main point of what makes the IP Chain Database valuable is that it is unchangeable. When data is secured onto the blockchain, that content becomes permanent. There is no way how that data can be changed or altered over time. This ensures that the original owner of the IP will always be easy to research. Also, the security of the system ensures that any cases where the IP is transferred to another party can be appropriately recorded. People can find the entire history of any bit of IP on the same network.

Works For Many Cases

The situations that the IP Chain Database can work for are extensive. People can use this for securing scientific articles, technical documents, trade secrets, works of printed or visual art and much more. If it is something that a person can come up with and create in a distinct fashion, it is something that can have its records intact through the IP Chain Database.

The content that one creates can be secured through the database and used in any way one desires. The general goal is to help with keeping data safe while allowing people to share it with others and to list that they own the content involved.

What About Transferring Content?

The database will also help people with transferring and selling their intellectual process with ease. The added tokens utilized will help people to move their data around as necessary. The help that will be offered will be critical for keeping all forms of content one works with under control and intact in any fashion.

Plans For the System

The IP Chain Database has been in development since the start of 2017. The product is expected to launch around the end of 2018. The ICO will assist with getting funds for project execution.

The need to keep intellectual property secure is critical for all to see. The IP Chain Database will help with keeping content easy to manage while ensuring a person’s content is fully protected during the data creation process. This will improve upon how easy it is for IP data to be safe and secure without risking that IP being lost to any outside group for any reason.