MeetnGreetMe Aims to Disrupt Travel Services Industry

People can travel all around the world with MeetnGreetMe. The platform will be developed on the blockchain. Customers will get travel services prepared based on their individual needs and budgets. Specifically, it concentrates on helping people to get the most out of their experiences in the cities that they are visiting. The personal touches that come with the services offered are valuable for people to see.

The Basic Point

MeetnGreetMe provides a decentralized service for travel needs. It uses a few steps that only takes a few moments to complete:

  1. A person will request travel services based on certain needs and budget points. The information has to include as many details as possible.
  2. The information is then sent out to people around the network.
  3. A service provider will offer travel solutions to the client. This comes after the two sides meet each other in the targeted destination.
  4. The client pays for the services through the blockchain.

The simplicity of the system is plain to see thanks to what makes it operate well. Businesses and travelers alike will have access to the blockchain system to make it easier for them to cover their travel demands.

Works Around the World

An exciting part of MeetnGreetMe is that it offers services where people can get the travel functions they need from all corners of the world. MeetnGreetMe has support for nearly 300 cities. These include locations around the United States, Italy, Poland, Australia and much more. The listing is expected to grow in the future with more countries and cities. With more than a thousand requests for services around the network so far, the system is expected to grow in size and prominence as more people see what makes MeetnGreetMe valuable.

What Services Are Provided?

The services people can use through MeetnGreetMe are valuable. People can start by offering arrival services like car rentals, driving to destinations, help with shopping and organizing events.

Entertainment can be provided by a merchant through MeetnGreetMe. A person can bring a person to different spots around a city or other destination.

People can also ask their providers for help with business meetings, doctor visits and other things one might do in a local area. The functions people can handle are endless here.

The WEL Coin Is Key

A part of MeetnGreetMe to notice entails the WEL coin. This is a coin that will be offered to people through the ICO sale, but people can also earn them by inviting people on the platform, curating the platform or by delivering services to people. The coins can be spent to pay for travel services through MeetnGreetMe. The coins may also help people to advertise on the platform.

People looking to see what MeetnGreetMe will have to offer can visit The site is highlighting information on how the blockchain system works and what people can expect to find. The blockchain program works wonders for people who want to get more out of their travels.


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