Nauticus to Revolutionize the Crypto Exchange Market

Many people who use cryptocurrency exchanges often struggle when finding such places for their investment desires. People often look around to find currencies but struggle to get what they want. But the Nauticus blockchain platform is different. This platform will provide people with a significant number of currencies that they can trade.

With the platform, people can trade more than a hundred currencies plus six fiat currencies. This is the first such exchange in the world to offer this versatility.

The exchange has been fully registered with use from the Australian government regulation group at AUSTRAC. The system is expected to be launched in the middle part of 2018.

Safe & Secure Trading & Improved Banking

The quality of the Nauticus platform is supported by a secure layout. With this, banking and payments can be handled quickly. The blockchain technology used here ensures that the transactions people use are secure and protected. The Nauticus coin is used here as a base token.

The fees can be configured down to 0.1 percent here. Contactless payments through Apple Pay and various NFC and QR systems can work as well. This is all linked to a convenient mobile app. A rating system is also included to encourage that people are held accountable for their efforts.

The Nauticus coins used will help to reduce the fees involved with transactions as well. This can help to reduce the fees by nearly half of their original totals. This in turn creates a simplified approach for handling funds on the network without any complications or other tough issues getting in the way.

Main Features

The support for many cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies on the Nauticus platform is important to see. But there are other points about the exchange that can be utilized. In particular, the exchange offers full wallet and mobile app support. The exchange is also highly liquid and has minimal transaction costs included. The design ensures that the setup will work quickly and effortlessly. The types of currencies that will be available here could potentially increase in numbers as this continues to thrive and be worth reviewing.

The strong setup that Nauticus has to offer is a vital part of what makes the system work in general.

Nauticusis backed by three prominent name is crypto and funding domain, Whisper, Fundofy and BellAcre.

Future Plans

Nauticus has listed information on what it has to offer at The site states that its currency exchange will open in the middle part of 2018.

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