Pumapay Aims To Make Crypto Billing Easier For All Businesses

What Does PumaPay Have to Offer?

PumaPay is a blockchain pull payment protocol that makes it easier for businesses to offer crypto billing services.

The pull payment system collects funds from customers with ease. This blockchain system lets businesses collect cryptocurrency payments. The solution also resolves many of the complex technical points that come with a traditional payment transaction.

About the System

PumaPay is a system that will run with many benefits for managing cryptocurrency transactions. It will be released during the later part of 2018 or early 2019. The PumaPay ICO will help fund the system.

The setup works with many features that are beneficial for all people to use. PumaPay works as a solution for payments that is more flexible and easier to use than credit card transactions. PumaPay is a plug-in that gets a website to start accepting the bitcoin and other similar crypto currencies. It reduces the risk of chargebacks, fraud and many other high fees. It also makes it easier for funds to move from one party to the next quickly.

The design also allows businesses to handle all of their billing functions through PumaPay. This includes help for managing all major billing practices including recurring and one-off deals.

Pull contracts operate through PumaPay to make it easier for people to handle their funds. Contracts can run on shared payments, pay-per-use charges and much more. The protocol can even work with parental locks that prevent certain transactions from going through without proper identification. Such locks work for both products that are not for underage use and purchases worth a certain total amount of money.

Great Savings

The key benefit of PumaPay is that it helps businesses to avoid credit card fees. The problem with credit card transactions is that online retailers have to spend 3 to 15 percent on their transactions. With cryptocurrency transactions, those fees are eliminated almost altogether.

Decentralization Is Vital

With PumaPay, there is no need to use any centralized bodies for handling payments. This in turn reduces the cost associated with a transaction. This also ensures that a network will not be at risk of harm. With many computers hosting a blockchain network, the risk of fraud is minimal. The network will also stay online thanks to decentralized hosting. A business can keep its payment portal afloat at all times thanks to PumaPay.

The Future of PumaPay

PumaPay will offer its token in ICO to support the program’s development. During the later part of the year, PumaPay will start working with many digital wallet programs. These include Chrome, iOS and Android wallets. The overall integration process should be easy to follow.

PumaPay will work well for online retailers that want to utilize a simple process for getting its payments to run right. By working with cryptocurrencies, PumaPay will make it easier for people to make payment via cryptocurrencies. It will also keep people from having to spend far too much on getting their purchases handled.

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