Safe Haven Promoting Security For Digital Inheritances

It is critical for people to ensure that their digital investments can be inheritable. Safe Haven is working as a new blockchain platform that will help people manage their inheritances and make it easier for people to collect them over time. The tool is valuable for helping people to get the most out of the work they have put in over the years.

The Issue Resolved

People do what they can to protect their private seeds or keys in their investments. They often use cryptographic software and harder programs to keep their items protected. However, they keep this content on centralized databases that can be broken into.

But the good news is that with Safe Haven, people will work with a decentralized setup for managing their content. This includes working with seeds and private keys that are easy to share among family members. Stakeholders and children of the investors will be able to access the digital investments that people have through Safe Haven. The key is that all the investments one has will be easy to pass on to other people.

Choosing People

The Safe Haven system lets users choose with people they want to share their private data with. This works with a blockchain protocol where content is divided in shares that will be sent to many people on the network. When a person passes, the people involved in the account can piece all those shares together.

This is all done with the intention of ensuring the investment in question is secure and protected. The layout of the Safe Haven blockchain is a positive point that makes it easier for people to get more out of the system.

Supported By Trust

The vital point of what makes Safe Haven work is that it is fully based off of trust. With the Safe Haven system, people will be ensured that their content is easy to load up. A person can work with a contract set up by a legal entity of one’s choosing. The Safe Haven blockchain can be incorporated into one’s estate to create a convenient setup that is not tough to use and adds a simple approach to managing content the right way.

Plans For the Future

Safe Haven is in development with the goal of getting it ready around the end part of 2018. The platform has been developed well and will include a strong layout for making it easier for content to work as desired.

The goal will be to produce a secure setup for managing blockchain information. The design that Safe Haven will utilize is vital to making it easier for content to be shared among people without problems. This is an exciting solution for managing content that will be important for people to explore in any fashion.


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