Acorn Collective Makes Crowdfunding Easy For Everyone

The unique platform of Acorn Collective is aiming to produce an appealing way for people to handle crowdfunding. It is such an anticipated system that the presale for the blockchain project is fully sold out.

Acorn Collective will help people to manage their crowdfunding tasks with ease. It operates on a fully operational blockchain platform and gives people extra help for handling all the content they want to work with when promoting themselves.

Solving Crowdfunding Problem

The big part of the Acorn Collective is that it will make crowdfunding practices easy to handle. The problem with today’s crowdfunding market is that most campaigns don’t meet their targets. Many are unable to get the starting capital they need to get their plans going.

Acorn will change how the crowdfunding process works. With this, people can get their funding plans listed on the blockchain for free. This works instead of having a 5 to 10 percent fee just to get on a crowdfunding site.

After this, people can get funds for their projects through others on the blockchain. Ether deposits may be utilized to help get a campaign running smoothly.

Great Services

The services that will work on the Acorn blockchain include ones that will help keep the fundraising process easy to manage. To start, Acorn will help to launch a crowdfunding campaign with a useful online tool. This should include something easy for people to identify on their own.

Third party marketing and analytics can be utilized as well. This includes work with Google AdWords, Hootsuite, Facebook Ads and Squarespace.

As a campaign moves along, people can find backers with ease. Those backers will transfer their funds quickly to each group they are interested in supporting.

Transparency Is Vital

The transparent nature of Acorn is critical to notice. The Acorn setup works as people will see what funds they are collecting at a given time. The process operated by Acorn offers a better sense of trust among everyone participating. The process here is vital for seeing that anyone who wants to raise funds can get the help that they need in any situation.

A Strong Marketplace

The marketplace that Acorn will use allows groups to reach each other online. This is where people can post data on their crowdfunding tasks. The help provided by Acorn ensures that people will do something valuable and attractive for managing funds.

What the Plans Entail

The work being handled by the Acorn is useful for many needs, but it is even more important to see how well the Acorn blockchain is developing. The system has gotten popular enough to get its presale sold out, but the full Acorn ICO sale will take place in the summer. The early build of the program will come around in the later part of 2018.


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