Dice ICO Review – Overview of Dice Crowdsale Details, DICET Token Sale Info


A New Generation Social Cryptocurrency

Dice has no Single Ledger
There is no single transaction public ledger, instead we introduce a new “cluster model” of unconnected peers (called “operators”) all working within a singular more efficient global ecosystem.

DICE is practically impossible to steal
Can the greatest ever hacker steal even a single physical atom? The answer is no. Hackers can only steal data, but DICE exist as objects in the real world.

Unite around a common purpose
One of the biggest problems of the today’s society is inequality. The 1% getting richer with the rest of us getting poorer.

Absolutely free transactions
Why would anyone agree to get charged for giving money to someone else ?

DICE can be mined offline
The ability for offline mining opens possibilities for some very interesting and advanced fintech products that we will see in the near future.

Token Distribution

dice.money token distribution

Budget Allocation

dice.money budget allocation


Konstantin Dimitrov Co-Founder in
Anthony Johnson Co-Founder in
Dilip Chandar Co-Founder in
Mihail Maldzhanski Software Architect in
Konstantin Nikolaev Non Executive Director in
Erickvand Tampilang Bounty Program Manager in
Santosh Kumar Software Engineer in
Subramanian Venkatesan Blockchain Developer in
Godwin Pauldurai Software Developer in
Vidhyasagar Dhilip Software Developer in
Vayuputra Kantamani Designer in
Sriram Gurusamy Software Engineer in


Prof. Moorad Choudhry Board Advisor in
Prof. Simon Choi Legal Advisor in
Vladimir Nikitin Technical Advisor in
Ismail Malik ICO Advisor in
Nikolay Shkilev ICO Advisor in
Amarpreet Singh ICO Advisor in
Rumen Slavchov ICO Advisor in
Sonja Prstec Legal Advisor in
Mike Shokin ICO Advisor in
Davorin Bebek Marketing Advisor in
Dr. Jonathan Galea Legal Advisor in
Amin Saleem Board Advisor in
Divyashish Jindal ICO Advisor in


dice.money roadmap


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