VR Entertainment Will Be Exciting With Terra Virtua

Terra Virtua is an interesting VR entertainment platform that will make a real difference in the VR environment. Terra Virtua operates as a blockchain-based entertainment platform. The site for Terra Virtua at terravirtua.io is promoting the platform as being a “Netflix for VR.”

The intriguing layout of Terra Virtua provides VR developers and content providers with a special way for people to communicate with each other. People can get their content shared to VR users all around the world. People can buy VR programs in many forms.

The community for the setup will help people to find fun VR zones and games of interest. In-game items and skins will be available for people to buy as well.

But the important thing about this is that the things people purchase aren’t necessarily one-off transactions. With Terra Virtua, people will spend a monthly fee to get access to the content on the system. A pay per attraction setup will also be included in the platform.

How the Platform Works

The subscription-based platform that Terra Virtua will work with entails many zones. People can travel into various virtual zones with the platform. These include zones for different types of entertainment programs. Sports and combat games are among the most popular ones, but survival room games are expected to be a huge deal just as well.

A mixed reality companion app will also be included in the Terra Virtua platform. This will work with a design where users can market their programs and experiences to other people. The special organization of the system ensures that people can get more out of their gaming experiences.

The types of games and programs that will be included in the platform are expected to become diversified over time. This includes working with new programs and content that will add to the overall fun and excitement that comes with playing around on the platform.

How Is It Being Developed?

The efforts involved with Terra Virtua have been evolving over the years. The program was formed in 2016 and has gone through an ICO while running through a proof of concept setup. A new portal for Terra Virtua will be released in a later part of 2018.

What About the Token?

The TVT token is a vital part of what makes Terra Virtua work. This will help with running the marketplace and to ensure that the transactions being handled will work quickly and effortlessly. The token is needed for helping people to get access to the programs being offered within the platform. This will also help with maintaining the environment and supporting the development of new content. More importantly, it helps budding VR producers and providers with new ways to get more out of the content they are working with.

Additional points on what to get out of Terra Virtua and how it is growing in the production process can be found at terravirtua.io. The platform is expected to be a big deal as the VR industry continues to grow and evolve.