Bigbom Brings Decentralized Advertising To the Forefront

Bigbom is aiming to make it easier for people to advertise their products to others. This comes as people can establish smart contracts to help their businesses become more visible. The decentralized advertising solution offered by Bigbom makes promotions simple to follow.

This does exceptionally well with helping people to stay online and to make their content stick out.

How the Ecosystem Works

Bigbom works with a unique ecosystem for making it easier for people to get their ads organized well:

Advertisers will meet with ad publishers through a marketplace.
An advertiser starts by reviewing potential publishing partners. Each listing features all the data people want to use when finding content.

Bidding offers are then sent out to publishers.
The decentralized network ensures that the bidding offers are sent out to the publishers with no failure points coming along in the transaction process.

BBO tokens move between the two parties for getting contracts ready.

The iAds section allows people to adjust their advertising campaigns. This is accessible to clients on the Bigbom network who need help with editing their content.

The process is effective for organizing content. When used right, people can start working on marketing campaigns that work well and manage different points for the needs people hold. This in turn creates more efficient campaigns based on the effort utilized.

Work With Great Strategies

Bigbom helps people with getting many strategies utilized when getting their content up. Bigbom offers a simple design where people can review their advertising campaigns and how they work. An analysis of how many times people are viewing certain advertisements can be found through the site. Machine learning algorithms will analyze which posts are the most visible.

General Simplicity

The functionality of Bigbom creates a simple and useful platform for handling content. By using Bigbom, people do not have to move from one third party to the next when getting their campaigns under control. The effort that one might need to complete will be minimal thanks to the analytics functions offered here.

Affordable Fees

A big part of Bigbom’s usefulness comes from a lack of substantial fees. The only fees people would spend are the transaction fees for getting smart contracts running.

Future Plans

Bigbom has gone through the ICO stage of its setup. The alpha version of the program will come out during the third quarter of 2018. A beta version will be released shortly after that with the goal of getting more ads on the platform in the near future. There is also a long term goal to get $49 million in revenue by 2020.

The ICO was run to raise funds for the development of the Bigbom system. Administration and operation costs were also covered in the ICO. The effort was to ensure that it would continue to function.

People looking for additional information on Bigbom can visit to learn more about what the system has to offer. The system that Bigbom uses will facilitate a simple approach to promoting advertisements.