RNTX Aims To Bring Transparency to Rental Ecosystem

What RNTX Has for Landlords and Renters Alike

The excitement of RNTX is something that people in the blockchain community are thrilled about. RNTX is designed to link landlords and renters together to establish a transparent link between parties.

RNTX will work to improve upon how well landlords can get their rent from people while also working well with managing transparency. This may also help with reducing the dependency that landlords have on credit scores when figuring out the people who should be allowed to take in certain rent.

Three Key Parts

There are three aspects of RNTX that must be seen above all others. First, there is the RenterID system. This creates a global renter system where people can identify different renters who are looking for properties on the open market including apartments and rental homes among many others.

The RenterIQ is the second point to see. This focuses on the behaviors of a renter over how payments are made and so forth. This offers a more predictable way to figure out how renters might work by focusing on individual things each renter might work with.

The RenterScore is used as well to review the quality of a tenant based on payments, how one treats and property and so forth.
By using all of these points listed on the blockchain network, it becomes easier for landlords to see which renters are the best ones to hire. This is thanks to the strong work the program uses for identifying who can do certain tasks.

How the Token Works

The RNTX token works by handling the overall ecosystem on the blockchain. The token may work for managing rental functions and can be used with incentivization intentions in mind. This is to get an easier to manage setup that would not be complicated or hard to follow.

Works With Other Demands

The many other functions that be utilized on the RNTX blockchain include solutions for everything relating to rentals. Security deposits can be maintained and reviewed through the system. People can also find roommates that they might be interested in living with through the system. The key is to make the process of renting a property as easy to follow as it can be.

Plans For the Future

RNTX will use 2018 to run its token sale. The RenterID system will be developed around this time as well. The project will also involve working with renters and landlords to help them sign up. This is to make it easier for things to come along and to make RNTX more viable. The general goal is to help expand the reach for the setup to the United States and Europe in 2019 with many other parts of the world develop in the future.

The functionality of the RNTX blockchain and application makes it easier for landlords to identify the best renters and to see how they might function. The people behind RNTX have released a white paper at rtnx.io to help people learn more about what is on the system and how it may work for many special investment purposes.