Buzzshow Offers Rewards Through a Social Video Platform

Online videos are among the most popular things people can watch today. Everyone has a desire to watch videos, but some videos may be more valuable than others. This is where Buzzshow comes into play.

Buzzshow is a new video platform that analyzes how popular online videos are. People can get more digital coins, or Goldies, by investing in certain videos. When a video becomes more popular, its price will rise in value. This in turn gives people the opportunity to get profits off of what they are investing in.

How Does This Work?

Buzzshow works by allowing people to create and share their own online videos. It uses a decentralized platform that lets people control how their videos move around online. The system even allows people to make their videos or their personal information private if desired.

People who get the most views off of Buzzshow will earn Goldies, the official currency of the site. The Goldies go to users and video creators based on how popular their videos are. People will get Goldies when they get more people to watch their videos or when those videos are added onto channels that highlight videos people are interested in.

Advertisers can also buy ad space on Buzzshow by using Goldies. An advertiser who spends more Goldies on an advertisement will get one’s message out to a larger number of people on average. The advertising opportunities will create a strong platform for Buzzshow to make money.

Decentralized Storage

The decentralized layout of Buzzshow is a vital point to see. With this, people can use Filecoin and other similar storage options to decentralize their videos. People can get their videos stored on such a network to make them easier for people to access and enjoy.

What Is the Future of Buzzshow?

Buzzshow is a very popular project as the base has been growing. The Buzzshow is expected to launch alpha and beta version of system later in 2018. In 2019, a premium user subscription program would be offered alongside extensive efforts to grow upon the overall user base.

What Videos Will Be Offered?

As appealing as the Buzzshow program and ICO is, people will clearly want to know what types of videos they can expect to find here. Buzzshow offers opportunities for people to share original videos in all forms. People can share their own music videos, comedy routines, how-to programs and much more. Anything that interests the public and makes them want to share videos will surely be more popular. This should add to the overall excitement that comes with getting Buzzshow to be interesting to most.

The excitement that comes with Buzzshow deserves to be noticed. The possibility for Buzzshow to grow and become more exciting is worthwhile thanks to user reward system. Buzzshow will give people a great way to make money and it will reward original content creator better than current video streaming websites and apps. But this all works based on how creative people can be and how they can make their videos more appealing to large audiences online.

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