Friend Unifying Platform Links Web Applications Together

The Friend Unifying Platform is a distinct platform that does more than just help people get online. It establishes a full virtual computer where people can use many web applications together. It is a liquid software solution that will remove applications from the hardware that they are used to running off of. This in turn makes the work people can handle on a program easier to facilitate and run with.

The setup is designed to be used on the blockchain and will help with decentralizing much of what businesses may do. This includes removing the basic hardware to create a setup that anyone can use regardless of the type of computer one has.

An Open Source Solution

The Friend Unifying Platform provides users with a simple open source solution for handling data. This works with any protocols one wants to utilize when getting content organized and ready for use. The simplicity and convenience of the platform makes it an outstanding choice for people to look for when getting web applications in check.

How the Friend Store Works

A vital part of making this platform work comes from the Friend Store. This is a place where people can order applications, templates and many other items. These are transferred with the tokens that are produced by the platform.

Users can get these tokens as they share resources with others. This includes running the servers needed for making the programs operational and decentralized.

The ICO being used by the platform will help with supporting the development of the overall setup. This is to create a strong platform that can be used by all parties looking to get more out of their computing demands.

Working In Norway

The ICO itself is based out of Norway. This is vital in that Norway has very strong standards for what people can do when getting their ICO plans in check. Public companies like the one working with the Friend platform are required to utilize more details in their reports on what they are doing and how they are serving their communities. This ensures that people who invest in the Friend platform will be capable of getting into a secure and safe investment.

How the Token Works

The FRND token that is produced through the platform is vital to its success. This works for paying for applications and services. It also helps to produce subscription models for helping people to get access to certain programs for specific periods of time. But the key for people to get these is to run the servers that the platform will be based off of. An ICO was held recently and has reached its goal to help produce enough tokens for use within the entire Friend platform community.

Details on what the Friend Unifying Platform has to offer can be found online at The site has a full white paper for people to review to get a full idea of how the Friend system works and what people can get from the system in general.