ImmVRse Brings VR To the Blockchain World

ImmVRse is working on a blockchain platform to allow people to share virtual reality content. It will offer a decentralized platform where VR content creators, advertisers and many others will collaborate, produce and share content. They can offer this in many forms including through educational programs, instructional guides and even entertainment programs.

ImmVRse operates through the support of a large VR-expeirenced team in London. The new blockchain opportunity comes as the VR industry plans on increasing in value even further. The design of the system gives people a chance to exchange VR ideas with one another. This in turn adds to the excitement that can only come from the VR community.

Working With More Forms of Content

With ImmVRse, members can share VR content in many forms. People can share it in all forms including through 360-degree videos. Augmented reality and mixed reality programs may also be supported.

This may work well for getting programs ready for many industries. It can work in the tourism industry to give people previews of places they can visit. It may also work for healthcare industry to analyze psychiatry patients. There are also many opportunities for VR programs to operate in schools. Such programs will help teach students new concepts and ideas in a unique environment.

A Unique Currency

A currency is being created to run along the ImmVRse network. This is the ImmVRse token. It will facilitate payment between people within the network. This allows people to use cryptographic signatures like with other digital currencies. The transactions listed run through many nodes on the blockchain network. This keeps all transaction records permanent.

The Big Goals

ImmVRse will make VR functions easier for people to access while linking enthusiasts together. It will also encourage businesses to make their products easier to spot online. The network will also ease transactions between people who want to get VR programs or contracts.
Creators can even use ImmVRse to be hired by advertisers or other groups by offering their unique VR portfolios to others. This may work for many marketing needs to create videos that add a special appearance for all to check out.

Upcoming Plans

ImmVRse is planning to raise fund through ICO. The tokens being produced will be used as currency for use within ImmVRse when it is opened up. The funding is going towards the development of the platform. This includes the efforts for getting enough trained and qualified employees ready to help with getting ImmVRse up and running.

The excitement of the VR world is blossoming. ImmVRse is helping to make it easier for people to get their VR content shared and to link with others in the field. This in turn can help people to create new business connections and sales within the network. ImmVRse should make for an interesting development in the market, especially with the VR community growing in size.

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