Parsec Frontiers Taking Gaming to the Blockchain

The MMO world has become a big deal in recent time, but one blockchain project is expected to make a huge impact on the field. This project is Parsec Frontiers and it is an MMO where players will complete to explore a wide galaxy with the goal of conquering it all. The game will feature an appealing layout that people are bound to love and be excited for.

This is an intriguing game to watch for. But it is the technology that will make a real impact. The blockchain setup will help to make it easier for people to be more interested in what is being offered.

About the Game

Parsec Frontiers is a game where players will travel from Earth to different parts of the galaxy. People will travel around to conquer new lands. This includes looking to find interesting riches from all around the world. People will build starships and defense systems. They will buy and trade resources of all kinds.


The Parsec Frontiers game was first conceived in 2017. The game has been developed to include auctions for colony rights around many parts of the world. Further production will continue into 2019 to include many features. These include points for introducing further trading functions and combat activities.

The development is working through a token sale. A crowd sale was promoted to help get people into the game and to invest in the overall development of the game. This would include access to tokens for use in the game. The exciting nature of the game makes it something worth exploring.

How the Blockchain Works

The vital part of the blockchain in this case is that players will be able to mine and trade assets in virtual environments with one another. They can trade them or fight for them. The freedom of players to do what they want when competing for resources is something thrilling and attractive for players to watch for.

A special part of the game is that the tokens earned and traded while playing can be converted into reach Ether. People can get their Ether tokens and convert them back into tokens for the game too. This gives a player the chance to make some real money by playing the game. It is very different from what people might expect to find out of many other games out there on the market.

The blockchain makes it easy for people to create and share their own assets. These include assets like new machines and devices that may be used to keep a game running. The thrill of working with the game makes it something that anyone will want to check out and notice.

The Parsec Frontiers game can be found online at The site offers several great features to help people have some more fun and to get the most out of their gaming experiences. It will be thrilling for people to see how the develop will develop and how the blockchain will be in the center of it all.