Stop the Fakes Is Stopping Copyright Infringement and Counterfeit Functions

There have long been issues in the online world surrounding the functionality of copyright infringement and counterfeiting. It is very easy for people to steal ideas and content while online. But there is a blockchain solution that is aiming to keep this from being a threat. The work from Stop the Fakes will help keep illegal content from being a dramatic burden throughout the online world.

Stop the Fakes is designed as a solution for helping to identify cases of copyright infringement and counterfeiting online. With this, a person will record a case of any illegal action and report it on the blockchain. This is to allow the proper action to be taken to stop the infraction.

How This Works

The blockchain organization of the Stop and Fakes setup is easy to follow. With this, a person will use a mobile app or a web camera to take an image of something that is happening online. This can include any illegal use of a logo, trademark or other type of intellectual property. Any cases where someone is using counterfeit contact can be analyzed as the blockchain runs.

When the violation is identified on the blockchain, a proper action is made. Stop the Fakes can file a violation report. This is submitted to the proper authorities. The person engaging in the illegal action can be informed and will be encouraged to remove one’s illegal content. Further legal actions may be pursued if a person does not comply with the request.

Those who identify illegal actions can get compensated for their work. This can work through the official tokens being produced through the blockchain setup that Stop the Fakes uses. The reimbursement encourages people to take part and stop these fakes from spreading around.

The Importance of Stop the Fakes

This blockchain setup is vital in that there are serious problems with counterfeit and illegal content online. Piracy is causing many industries to lose money, for instance. Counterfeit products are also causing the companies that make the original products being duplicated from getting the profits and sales they deserve.

By using Stop the Fakes, the risk of such illegal content being spread around online will be reduced. This in turn establishes an honest and law-abiding online world.

The total number of fakes that Stop the Fakes will identify is expected to be high. Stop the Fakes is hoping to find thousands of copyright violations before the end of 2018. This number is rated based on the rampant use of illegal content and illegal copyright use all around. The work from Stop the Fakes keeps the online world honest and safe for all businesses and customers alike.

Added information on Stop the Fakes can be found online at The system is expected to go live at some point in late 2018. This includes apps for most major mobile operating systems. Add-ons for some popular web browsers will also be released. A Firefox extension will be among the features included in the setup.