The Chimaera Blockchain Gaming Platform Creates a Unique Setup For Gamers

The gaming industry has grown over the years, but there is always time for the field to continue to expand and grow. The Chimaera blockchain is a good example of what is being offered. This is a platform for blockchain use that is made with gaming intentions.

The blockchain gaming setup ensures fair games that offers an intriguing way for people to compete with each other. This also makes it easier for game developers to produce attractive platforms.

What Developers Get

The Chimaera blockchain will work for developers by providing them with various useful tools to help them get the most out of their blockchain setups. Development support is included on the chain. Crowdfunding is also included to help startups move forward with their plans. The support offered works through a large community. The goal of that community is to create games that people will be interested in while supporting an extensive layout for games.

Everything a developer needs for producing a game can be found on the Chimaera platform. The Unreal and Unity engines are utilized to keep the platform running well. People can also profit off of in-app purchases without worrying about fraud.

What Players Get

Players will get some appealing features off of the Chimaera blockchain. People can play various games with tournament support and participate in some fun community activities within the games they want to play. The trading platform lets people trade assets they earn in games in a secure environment where the risk of fraud is erased.

People can play games to earn rewards to use for in-app purchases. They can also purchase coins if desired. All their trading activities are secure and fair. Each game is also up all the time, thus ensuring content is not going to be lost. This offers a consistent place for people to head out to for entertainment.

What Games Are Offered?

The games that Chimaera will support include many that people can play with on the blockchain. The Soccer Manager Crypto game is the first one in product. It works as a football management game that runs in a fair manner with a single set of rules and play standards around the entire network. This ensures that no one will try to cheat or play around with the game system in some fashion.

The Treat Fighter game is also being promoted as an upcoming product. This allows people to create their own fighters and share them around the blockchain network. Again, this all works with a fair layout for managing content that is easy to follow and organize.

A Big Future

Additional details on what the Chimaera platform will include can be found at The group is working to raise funds through an ICO with people getting tokens that can be used through the games being produced. The setup is expected to grow to include more types of games in the future. The chances for the games to become larger and more exciting will be great for game fans to see.


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