CryptoGlobal Offering a Hybrid P2P Digital Asset Exchange

People who want to exchange digital assets with one another often do this on centralized exchanges. But these exchanges have become risky for some. They are often subjected to attacks and errors. As a result, people are looking for alternative exchanges that are secure, safe and provides anonymity. This is where CryptoGlobal comes into play.

CryptoGlobal is promoting a special P2P digital asset exchange service where people can trade their digital assets with one another. The service helps people by providing them with a solution for trading many types of currencies.

The Key Focus

CryptoGlobal provides people with a blockchain-based layout for handling digital asset trades. It operates with the power of a centralized exchange but with extra control. The added support ensures that people can trade well.

With the CryptoGlobal platform, people can trade currencies with each other with ease. People can exchange fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies alike. Support is available for more than forty fiat currencies. These currencies are diverse and come from all corners of the world.

The added help for cryptocurrencies will work with many popular options. There is a chance for extra currencies like these to be covered in the future.

A Transparent Approach

The transparency associated with the blockchain is a big selling point of CryptoGlobal. With this, it becomes easy for people to identify one another when getting their trades handled. People can identify others who have digital wallets for trades.

People can establish their own trading profiles with CryptoGlobal. These profiles allow people to save details on their favorite currencies to trade. People can also choose to remain anonymous. Either way, the secure design that comes with the CryptoGlobal system ensures people can get more out of their trades.

Fast Trades

The settlements handled are also managed immediately. The work runs with many nodes on the blockchain approving transactions quickly. The simplicity that is involved here ensures that there are no problems with getting content organized right. People can also confirm when their trades have been made.

Lowered Charges

The charges associated with the use of the CryptoGlobal network are minimal. Trades have fees from 0.25% to 0.5%. People can use the SCGX token to take care of these fees. The reduced charges involved are vital for ensuring that a people are attracted to trade on this platform.

How Is It Developing?

The CryptoGlobal is currently in development. An ICO is underway to raise funding for the development and marketing of platform. This will provide people with the SCGX token. The token is vital for orchestrating trades within the CryptoGlobal network.

The goal is to get the listing ready before the end of 2018. This includes plans to introduce a fiat debit card that will work for cryptocurrencies. This part is expected to be released in the early part of 2019.

The features that come with CryptoGlobal will help ensure that people can get the most out of their trades. People who are interested can learn more about what CryptoGlobal has to offer at