Etheera Offering a Decentralized Real Estate Platform

The Etheera blockchain has been introduced as an Ethereum-dependent platform that will help link the real estate industry together. This will work by providing people with access to an extensive market for properties of note.

The platform will simplify the process for getting real estate available throughout the world. Whether it entails people looking to sell properties or renting them out to others, people can get their properties listed through Etheera.

The program will work as a solution for real estate agents and companies. It can also work for individual sellers who want to get their properties available for brokers to identify. People who operate bed and breakfast properties can also benefit from what Etheera has to offer.

The Etheera network will help with getting real estate properties to move between parties with ease. This includes working to get properties exchanged with less fees involved. The accessibly of properties will make for a strong solution that people will be very interested in working with.

What Benefits Does the Platform Offer?

The Etheera platform will provide people with several benefits. People can use Etheera to advertise their properties in many forms. They can produce their own listings that feature various pictures and even banner ads. People can advertise without having to get any subscriptions ready for doing so.

People can also pay through the platform with the tokens generated by Etheera as well as through Bitcoins and various altcoins. PayPal and credit card transactions may also work in the future. This is depending on how the platform is to run over time.

There is also the option to add new external APIs into the system. By working with a flexible layout, it becomes easier for the platform to operate.

About the ICO

The ICO runs during the first half of 2018 and will help to raise funds for the development of the platform. The goal is to get the first version of the platform launched during the late part of 2018. The platform will launch in Europe at the start, but it will move on to other markets throughout the world over time. By using a careful expansion process, it should be easy for the system to develop properly.

The ICO is also paired with a referral program. This will help to get more people to sign up for the Etheera platform and to invest in the setup. This helps for those who want to sell more properties or those who want to get access to a larger number of interested parties in a field. This adds to the great potential for the industry to thrive and expand over time.

The excitement of the Etheera platform is going to move along the real estate world as more people learn about what makes it special. With the Etheera platform, people can find properties of all kinds throughout the world.



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