McFly is Making Unique Air Taxis to Revolutionize Personal Transport

The flying car might be closer to reality than you think. The McFly flying vehicle system is being promoted as a solution for managing great vehicles that can transport people. This is one system that is going to revolutionize personal transport.

The unique platform of McFly offers a simple solution where people can get flights from the vehicles being produced. People can request flights online while manufacturers can use the software program. Businesses can also set up chargers, parking lots and maintenance centers for their vehicles. Pilots and technicians can be hired as well.

The group is working to support the development of these vehicles through a token sale. The tokens will include support for paying for reservations. The blockchain setup being produced will ensure that people can get their reservations done sooner and without hassles.

About the Vehicles

McFly is producing some appealing vehicles. These are made with futuristic bodies. They work for transporting individual people around short distances.

The vehicles being produced are VTOL AVs or Vertical Take-Off and Landing Aerial Vehicles. These are designed with basic transport needs in mind.

The I’m Aero ultra-light helicopter is one such example. This can fly for up to five hours on a charge and can travel at speeds of 160 km/h. It can fly about 600 km before it needs a charge. It can also fly about 4.5 km above the ground.

The Bartini unit is designed to look like a massive drone. It travels up to 300 km/h with a range of 150 km. It flies for about 30 minutes at a time. The unit can also travel nearly a kilometer in height.

Each of these can be reserved for many needs. A person can reserve a vehicle through the blockchain system. This includes getting a reservation listed through a transparent service provider. A team will confirm the reservation as well. The token used here will help with paying for the service.

The platform is designed with convenience in mind. More importantly, it helps to forward the evolution of the transport vehicle. The aerial nature of the VTOL AVs ensures that people can get to their destinations fast. The ability to avoid difficult traffic issues on the ground helps too.

How Many People?

McFly has an extended team with nearly 50 people involved. It has gotten three VTOLs committed for use. Nearly 40,000 hours have been spent on the research and development process too. The efforts being used to get McFly up and running have been vast and are working to make it easier for more vehicles to get out there and do more. There is no real telling what people can expect out of what McFly is offering.

People looking for details on McFly token can visit to see what the system offers. Details on how the McFly tokens work are on the site. Information on how people can take advantage of the system can be found through the site too. The simple design of the McFly blockchain makes it an investment worth looking into.


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