Shivom Bringing Genomics To the Blockchain

Genomic data has to be accessible to ensure healthcare processes and functions are easier for people to utilize. The Shivom system is designed to support the genomic data pool that is out there.

The Basic Points

The key parts of Shivom that make it work are vital to see. With Shivom, genome data donors can get their genomic content uploaded onto a proper network. This makes it easier for people to look up one’s genetic information. The content will help with reviewing the details a person requires for any intention.

The simplicity of the setup is valuable and easy to handle. This also helps with getting people the medical help that they need as their genomic data is on the blockchain. People can get information on possible diagnoses and find out their disease risks through Shivom. Doctors can also review the best care solutions for managing certain conditions that patients have.

A Personalized Approach

The personalized points of Shivom are vital for people to notice. Patients who provide their information here will help to find new treatments that may work for their needs.

This works with a few steps. A person who signs up for Shivom will get a kit in the mail to share one’s DNA sequence with. A saliva sample would be needed.

At this point, people can choose to do many things with Shivom. People can get insights on their health through their genetic data. People can also learn about their ancestry or even donate their genome data to research groups for free or to get a profit off of it. People have the freedom to do anything that they might require when getting their health functions managed right.

The setup is designed to ensure that people can get their scientific information out there for their medical needs. With genomic sequencing being cheaper than ever before, it has become easier for people to find predictive medicine and treatment solutions. The options that are available for one’s use can help with managing the content one has.

The Value of the Blockchain

A vital part of Shivom is that it uses the blockchain setup to make genomics business open, fair and beneficial to end consumer. It manages trust functions with added support for patient consent and data ownership. The authentication process is also easy to follow.

Donors who share their genomic data through the blockchain will get rewards. When they sell their data to pharmaceutical companies, their data will be used for research intentions. The data is laid out without identifying one’s information. Meanwhile, the blockchain rewards will provide people with funds based on how the blockchain production process works.

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