ID Money Aims to be First SOCIAL, PUBLIC AND GLOBAL Crypto Currency

ID Money has become one of the more interesting things for people to see in the cryptocurrency field. ID Money is promoting itself as the first currency to be a truly social and public choice.

This currency is designed with three key points in mind:

1. It is a fully social currency.

People will produce the currency through the ID Money app and through many added social platforms. The goal is to prepare a currency that offers a special way for people to invest.

Local governments can use the blockchain on ID Money to produce wallet software. The program may be used to support the production of great programs.

The model of the blockchain also ensures that the funds produced will go to people who need it. This includes people living in poverty who need help with affording what they are interested in.

2. This is also a public currency.

Local governments can work alongside the public to produce the currency. This is to generate new wealth and to make the process of producing money more interesting.

3. ID Money is also a fully global currency.

The governance for ID Money will work throughout the world. This will entail the operation of a global community responsible for producing the currency and making it stand out. The unique personality of the ID Money chain is something that will keep the currency operational.

The biggest point about working with ID Money is that it does not have a central bank. The money produced on the chain goes to local governments that will decide for themselves if they will use their currencies as money.

Interesting Things of Note

There are a few extra points about ID Money that should be mentioned.

  • Various game apps are being produced on the ID Money platform. These include appealing game that might be a little more interesting for people to see.
  • A public sale for the ID Money token will work to cover nearly half of the tokens that will be offered on the blockchain. Like with many other public sales, this is all about getting the market to grow and to support the development of the token.
  • About 20 percent of the tokens produced will go to those in poverty in selected municipalities. This will help those people to get back on their feet and to support them financially.
  • The wallet function produced by ID Money will help with managing how people can raise funds in a special fashion. The wallet will link to more payment methods and setups. This increases the chances for people to get some great payouts over time.

Additional information on what ID Money has to offer and how it will work can be found at The site is looking to offer details on what people can get off of ID Money and how well it works. This is expected to be one of the most interesting and unique wallet programs for people to check out.


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