Top ICOs to Invest in March 2018

What are the Hottest ICOs to invest in March 2018

Here is list of top ICOs to invest in March 2018

1. Truegame

Truegame is first ICO based on fully working iGaming project that has positive feedback from community. Players are already playing dozen of games on this platform.

2. Datarius

Datarius is p2p platform that aims provide maximum number of financial products with free and equal access.

3. Bubbletone

Bubbletone is telecom ecosystem based on blockchain that allows direct interaction between network operators, phone users and service providers.

4. StopTheFakes

StopTheFakes is affordable and user-friendly blockchain based service that allows anyone to track and record cases of illegal use of intellectual property.

5. Auctus

Auctus is world’s first blockchain based retirement plan that lets users create diversified portfolio for retirement.

6. is an online travel booking marketplace, supplier and customer chat. It offers direct communication between travelers and merchants. It is based on NEO platform.


VISO is blockchain based payment system that brings cryptocurrency and fiat payment methods on one ecosystem.

8. The 4th Pillar

It is blockchain based decentralized identity and financial platform connecting individuals and organizations.

9. BuzzShow

BuzzShow is blockchain based fully developed reward based social video sharing website that rewards users with BuzzShow goldies.

10. Tradershub

Tradershub is blockchain based social trading platform that provides single point for interaction in crypto markets.

11. Smart City Eco

Blockchain based platform to deliver smart solutions to economy market.

12. Bountie

Bountie is a blockchain based platform that lets gamers in Asia to make money while playing their favourite games.

13. NEXO

Nexo is launching world’s first instant crypto overdrafts. It is backed by a leading European fintech group – Credissimo.

14. Peer Mountain

Blockchain-based software platform for decentralized ID protection, trust, and compliance ecosystem.

15. Obirum

Obirum is world’s first blockchain browser. It integrates blockchain technology to become most powerful and secure browser.

16. DIW Token

DIW is a secure blockchain-based digital platform which safeguards and secures your entire digital life.

17. A2B Taxi

A2B Taxi is first blockchain based taxi booking platform. It is operating in 46 cities and servicing 75 million people.

18. Greeneum Network

Greeneum Network is blockchain based platform that rewards users for supporting an eco-friendly future.

19. The Abyss

Blockchain based digital distribution platform that delivers all type of games to gaming community.

20. Corex

Blockchain based platform that integrates cyrptocurrency and forex trading.

21. New Era Energy

Blockchain based global and trusted platform for recording, measuring and trading your clean energy footprint.

22. Multiven

Multiven is world’s first decentralised independent and apolitical software integrity maintenance and cyber-defense platform.

23. UNIC Advertising Network

An advertising platform to buy and sell ICO traffic with cryptocurrency. It aims to develop at least 2% of the global advertising market in ICO niche.

24. Lendingblock

Lendingblock is blockchain based decentralised crypto lending platform. Lend/borrow any crypto or digital asset and earn stable and secure return.

25. Coinvest

Coinvest is creating a platform that allows both asset managers and individuals to create . Users can invest in multiple cryptocurrencies and index funds with one account, one wallet, and one COIN.

26. BlockBits

BlockBits is blockchain based decentralized open-source crowd-fund/investing platform.

27. Morpheus Infrastructure Token

Morpheus Labs provides a niche suite of blockchain services that support businesses in the growth.

28. L-pesa

The L-pesa is a financial services company currently provides financial solutions in kenya & Tanzania market.

29. Akaiito

Akaiito is blockchan based platform, which will make it easy to use cryptocurrency in every day life.

30. ContractNet

ContractNet is a public, permissionless, turing complete blockchain that aims to implement smart contracts associated with IoT.

31. JWC Ventures

It aims to be largest blockchain fund in the world. It is the first platform for venture capital & startup investing.

32. Thrive

Thrive is decentralized marketplace for premium advertising.

33. On.Live

On.Live aims to disrupt world of live services, live broadcasts and computing power.

34. ClickableTV

ClickableTV turns live and DVR ad-supported premium TV into a pay per click medium.

35. Irene Energy

Irene Energy is a renewable electricity supplier with global ambitions that seeks to introduce radical transparency in the electricity supply chain by means of Stellar-allowed micro-payments.

36. Swapy Network

Swapy Network aims to provide decentralized solution for universal access to credit.

37. CashBag

CashBag is blockchain based platform for cashback rewards. Consumers earn tokens & cash back for engaging with brands & shopping on global network of online stores. Companies benefit from lower cost of payment and instant settlements.