OTPPay Aims To Make Crypto Payments & Trades Easier For General Public

OTPPay is being offered as a new solution for people who are looking to get their many payments taken care of. The blockchain program is being promoted on its website at otppay.io. The program is being developed to handle many kinds of crypto currencies in some useful manners. It works with physical and digital currencies alike.

OTPPay is an omni token platform for handling payments. This is being used to support crypto and fiat payments with ease. The goal is to help with getting more payments managed without hassles. It is designed with keeping simplicity and ease to use in mind.

A Distinct Design

The vital part of OTPPay is that it helps to improve upon how well payments are managed between parties. With OTPPay, people can quickly get their payments managed quickly and effortlessly.
Smart contracts are used to help make it easier for payments to be handled accordingly. People can use the tokens produced by OTPPay to help with paying off various payments between each other. This includes working with crypto and fiat payments with ease. The setup is organized well with a fine layout that is not too tough to utilize.

ICO Efforts

OTPPay is running ICO to raise funds for development and marketing. The ICO will help to grow engineering efforts from OTPPay and to manage operational expenses. Marketing and promotions will also be supported through the ICO.

How Is Revenue Produced?

The revenue that will come from OTPPay will help with running many aspects of the currency. The revenue will arrive from loan interest used through smart contracts established between the parties that make trades with each other. Buy and sell commissions and exchange commissions will also be utilized. Additional commissions from merchant payments will be a part of the system as well.

About 0.1 percent of the revenue that the system gets will work to buy back tokens and to destroy them. This ensures that the tokens will continue to attain some kind of value. The tokens will be destroyed on a monthly basis under this program. By using this standard, it becomes easy for the tokens to retain some value.

Mobile Support Works

The mobile support setup will be important for people to check out. Mobile support will work with a setup that features a payout setup where people can get their individual currency wallets linked up to others. The setup makes it easy for people to transfer fiat and crypto currencies together.

Further details on the OTPPay program can be found at ottpay.io. The program is expected to grow as more people start to look for ways to make it easier for them to handle their payments in crypto currencies.


Official Website – https://otppay.io

Whitepaper – https://otppay.io/Assets/otppay-whitepaper/OTPPAY_White_paper_v1.1.pdf