Whalesburg Offers a Great Enterprise Platform For Cryptocurrency Miners

Individual cryptocurrency miners and larger mining farms can benefit from what the Whalesburg platform will offer. This is an enterprise scale solution designed with mining in mind. It focuses on identifying the proper opportunities for investments that people can mine and how these may be utilized.

Five Key Parts

Whalesburg is a platform that operates with five points in mind. It combines fine points that are different from one another but when combined will keep Whalesburg working accordingly:

  1. The mining pool
  2. Any monitoring tools that may be used
  3. Operating systems for mining use
  4. Various profit-switching solutions
  5. Overclocking tools

By linking all five parts together, it becomes easier for content to be managed. Whalesburg offers everything people can expect out of these programs. These include functions like cross-platform support, profit-switching and benchmarking. An auto exchange program may also work when moving currencies around or converting them to Ethereum.

What the MVP Offers

The MVP platform is an important part of what makes Whalesburg stand out. The MVP works as a mining program. The solution helps by identifying currency pools including PRIL, ETC and Expanse pools. These work with many currencies through ETHash coins.

People can also get their currencies automatically converted into Ethereum. Payouts can be provided to people through Ethereum as well.

An auto-switching script is also included in the MVP platform. This assists with moving content around while keeping things easy to read and utilize.

This all works with layered security features. By using such security help, it becomes easier for a miner to find the currencies one wants. This also establishes a stable setup for currency mining to where the program will operate consistently without the risk of any content being lost.

Special Functions

There are many functions that people may utilize when getting Whalesburg to work for them. To start, Whalesburg offers support for a mining schedule based around which currencies one wants to produce at a given time. It also has full access to the hardware on a computer to keep it functional and active.

A CPU and GPU overclocking tool will be included alongside a benchmarking tool. These functions assist with identifying what may work the best when getting the Whalesburg platform to run.

Future Plans

The developers of the Whalesburg platform are working to produce a stronger platform that can be useful for years to come. Details are available on its website at whalesburg.com. The site is working through 2018 to review customer needs and to establish proper consulting services. The platform will also be subject to a new prototype. The full operating platform will be available to the public in the early part of 2019. A token sale is being utilized to help support the growth of Whalesburg.

The development of Whalesburg will boost the mining field. With the platform, users can find the best possible cryptocurrencies for mining purposes. This is to establish a better approach for getting the content that one deserves to find.


Website – https://whalesburg.com/

Whitepaper – https://whalesburg.com/

Telegram Chat – https://t.me/whalesburg

Medium – https://medium.com/@whalesburg